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After initially being slashdotted, my blog post below got linked across the blogosphere, hit Digg, the Inquirer, BoingBoing and other major news sites, and I’ve reached some 60 000 visitors in less than 24 hours…

Since most of you are therefore new visitors, I just wanted to post a short introduction/information paragraph. First of all, I suggest you visit the About page of the blog, as well as my Wiki page on the ReactOS website. This is just to clear up any confusion on where I currently reside, age, education, etc. If you are interested in my other publications/works as a security researcher, you should visit the Publications page, as well as OpenRCE, where I usually post my latest articles. You can also find a recording of my REcon 2006 talk on Archive.Org. Search for my name; the PDF is available on the Publications page as well. Finally, my project, ReactOS, is having a donation fund; if you’d like to donate some money, that would be very appreciated.

As for the DRM post, I never expected that it would get the kind of attention it has; to be fair, I had completely forgotten that today was Vista’s launch date (being a beta tester, I’ve had RTM for months now); I certaintly don’t want to make it seem like I was specifically targetting this day to release anything. Later this week I will release some safe, generic, proof of concept code that targets what I believe is a flaw in the Code Integrity/Driver Signing model. My 64-bit VM is running extremly slow, so it will take me some time to test the code. Because this code will require an initial reboot, Microsoft does not consider it to be a flaw from a security standpoint. And because it’s so generic, it has absolutely nothing to do with DRM or PMP. That being said, I’m sure someone with knowledge of the PMP implementation might be able to use this as a very smart building block of the entire code that would be required; but that would be like arresting every knife manufacturer because knives can kill people.

Finally, if any of you would like more information about ReactOS or would like to meet in person, I will be giving a talk at the SOCAL5X conference on February 9th, and I will be around LA on the 10th as well.

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