Talk at University of Waterloo

This Monday, I’ve had the chance to speak at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, which is one of the top engineering and computer science universities in Canada, responsible for applications such as Maple. My short lecture was on using ReactOS in the academic environment, as well as present students and other atendees with a brief overview of Windows NT and ReactOS architecture.

You can find a PDF version of the slides here.

News and Todos…

I apologize for the lack of updates, but these upcoming weeks (until December 20th) are my finals, and I can’t afford to do badly on them, so I won’t probably have time to blog at all or post part 3 of my article on OpenRCE. I apologize for the disappointment.

However, here’s what I plan on writing on once I have some time:

1) Recognizing macros and other constructs in IDA for MSVC binaries. Will focus on Microsoft kernel-mode code.

2) Unveiling of the NDK and a sample background application that uses LPC.
3) A sample AFD (Ancilliary Function Driver) Client and Server, and its relationship to security/rootkit detection.

See you all soon!