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It’s been a pretty slow week until now, so I’m going to take this time to do the last “todo” for my blog. As I mentionned previously, I have been setting up my blogroll and publication page, and now that I’ve finished uploading everything, I wanted to give a more in-depth overview of the materials and links:


  • Ken Johnson’s Blog Ken is a well-known NT expert known as Skywing. We met while he was still working on ReactOS, and we frequently discuss NT implementation details and security bugs. We both have a hate for crappy drivers, hooks, and other kinds of dangerous code. If there’s something I don’t post here, Ken probably has posted about it before or will 🙂
  • Ero Carrera’s Blog Ero is a fellow security researcher that I met while at Recon, and he is well known for his work at Sabre, especially in analysis of binaries, and he has published various papers and given talks at conferences, as well as trainings. If you have a chance to meet him, take it, because he knows a lot!
  • TinyKRNL Website TinyKRNL is my own personal project, and team of people working on it. You can find more information on its website. It is a Windows NT Kernel implementation for educational use.
  • Larry Osterman’s Blog Larry is one of my favorite bloggers at Microsoft. He has been working there for over two decades, and his experience (and anecdotes) are always insightful. He has interesing topics such as “What’s wrong with this code” and other optimization/algorithm questions sometimes.
  • ReactOS The other project that I work on, ReactOS attempts to create an open-sourced (GPL) version of the Windows NT (XP/2003) Operating System by implementing its own kernel and using Wine’s Win32 libraries.
  • Jason Geffner’s Blog Jason is a reverse engineer at Microsoft that I’m happy to call my friend. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve met, and he has a lot of neat ideas that he gets the chance to work on. He’s also responsible for saving the world a couple of times.
  • Raymond Chen’s Blog Raymond chen is the iconic Microsoft blogger. Blogging on everything from languages, music to Windows 1.0 compatibility functions present in Vista, Raymond makes it hard for you to hate those annoying features in Windows, and explains just how stupid some 3rd-party developers really are, and how much trouble he and his team have to go through to keep those apps working, so that you don’t complain.
  • OpenRCE OpenRCE is the premier Reverse Code Engineering portal, with all the big names in the field, interesting articles (such as mine ;), forum posts, tools and diagrams, and a helpful bunch of users from all over the industry. It’s also the brainchild of a very good friend of mine, Pedram.
  • Steve Dispensa’s Blog Steve is another NT genius, especially in NDIS, that took his knowledge to the corporate level and now is a CTO for a very sucessful company. We met through Ken Johnson, who is now employed there, and I’m still hoping to finally be able to meet him in the future. His blog is of particular interest to NT driver developers, much like Ken’s.
  • Pedram’s Blog Pedram is another security researcher and big name, as well as the creator of OpenRCE and many other valuable tools, including PaiMei and tools such as PyDbg. He’s also a good friend of mine, and a very fun guy.

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