Interviewing at Apple, Google and Microsoft

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve spent the last few weeks interviewing with the big three, and drove myself crazy choosing which offer to select (to be fair, I just finished interviewing with MSFT today; the offer, if any, will only come on Monday, when I make my big choice).

For the benefit of everyone, I decided that once my decision is made, I’d post more information about the process at all the three companies. How were the recruiters, the interviewers, the kind of perks to expect (yes we all know Google has free food), and more. I hope it’ll be a good write-up and perhaps end up with a chart, much like the Google/Yahoo/Windows Live(MSFT) blog post ended up.

It’s been great interviewing with all three though, and if anyone from there is reading this, thank you for everything!

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  1. Hi.


    I’ve meant to ask you this before, What is the job waiting for you at those companies. Being a OS/Kernel coding person, what those company’s offered you to start with. Even at Microsoft, witch delivers a great OS, I’m curious about your starting position…

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