Windows Vista 64-bit Driver Signing/PatchGuard Workaround

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while (over a year), awaiting confirmation of a final key component in the procedure, but I’ve now been able to test my method.
I will be spending tomorrow finishing up the paper and exploit code on my test Virtual PC image. Before you get all excited, please keep in mind this is a local, administrative-account-required workaround for the driver-signing requirement in Vista 64-bit and has no security implications what so ever.

Since I wasn’t able to get a working POC until now, I haven’t made a lot of noise about it… if I get it working right tomorrow, I will probably send a little note to Microsoft to make sure they don’t go medieval on my ass — it has zero customer impact so I don’t think they will, but I apologize if I’ll have to can it.

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  1. mgambrell says:

    Right on, brother, and well done. I’m tired of hitting F8 on my vista machine and eagerly await your specific workaround. And I will enjoy watching the ripples ^_^

  2. Duo315 says:

    Hey Alex,

    This is how you should do it. Tell Microsoft. Then tell them that they pay you a (large) sum of money and they pay you for the training of their staff at $5,000 a day. In return you don’t post the exploit and you make a large some of money and don’t get sent to jail if that’s what your afraid of.


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